Photo by From the Hip Photography

Photo by From the Hip Photography



“ We possess an unprecedented capability in nature to attempt to reflect on our role in the complex ecology of life. That confrontation and the paradox of viewing nature as a separate force from ourselves motivates my artistic practice. This body of work examines the way in which society seems to objectify nature into easily disposable and commodified resources. At what point does a segment of an ecosystem become a resource? When is it okay for us to interrupt a natural cycle for the sake of “progress”? Who are we to assume the role of shepherds, or locust?”



Brian Napier arrived in Colorado by way of California in 2012. He has an extensive exhibition history comprised of solo, group, and collaborative exhibitions across Colorado, Minnesota, and California. Napier’s work has been featured in Westword, Garro, Foothills, and Odessa. Deconstructing the origins of environmental philosophies, his work is rooted in the reflection of self, place and holistic thinking. Brian received his BFA from the University of Denver in 2015 and will be attending Pratt Institute for an MFA in Sculpture in the fall of 2017.

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